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Please read the following instructions before returning a product to us. 

RMA conditions 

Oriental Motor will remain your point of contact after purchase. Should any technical problems arise with the purchased products, we will gladly assess them for you free of charge.

The general conditions of sale and delivery of Oriental Motor (Europe) GmbH apply including the following conditions:

I. Services that require an RMA number:
For the submission of your products for the following services, an RMA number is required.

  • Inspection service (for defects within and outside the warranty period) 
  • Repair service (for defects within the warranty period)
  • Restock requests (original packaging, within 3 months after delivery)

II. Request RMA number

  1. To request the RMA number, please fill out the RMA request sheet and send it directly using the form or manually to service(at)orientalmotor.de.
  2. If you have completed your RMA request sheet completely and correctly, we will issue you an RMA number.

III. RMA Shipping
Please send the goods back with accessories that are included with the product to:

Oriental Motor (Europa) GmbH 
After Sales Service 
Schiessstraße 44 
40549 Düsseldorf

We do not assume any liability for material supplied from any other source

  1. Please enclose the RMA confirmation received from us with the return shipment.
  2. Write the RMA number clearly on the outside of the return address label.

Consignments that are not marked with an RMA number can lead to considerable assessment delays.

Please note:
For your returns Oriental Motor (Europe) GmbH does not take responsibility for any freight charges.

Assistance and support with troubleshooting prior to returning a product is available from our Customer Service Center:

E-Mail: info(at)orientalmotor.de
Phone: 00800 22556622

RMA form inspection/repair RMA form restock


Customer Service Center
Free Hotline: 00800 22556622